Uni-form Epoxy Preforms
Frequently Asked Questions

What are epoxy preforms?

Uni-forms epoxy preforms are one-part, pre-shaped resins that are solid at room temperature. When heated, Uni-forms melt and set. After the epoxy has cured, it will not remelt. Tight dimensional tolerances, pre-mixed catalyst-to-resin ratios, and consistent viscosity ensure uniform, quality seals. The epoxy seal protects electromechanical components from environmental contaminants. The preformed epoxies can be rapidly dispensed.

Are Uni-forms available in more than one epoxy system?

Uni-forms are currently available in numerous epoxy systems to meet the requirements of diverse applications and operating conditions. Please view Epoxy Systems or contact us to select an epoxy system that is suitable for your application.

Will Uni-forms seals re-melt after they are cured?

Multi-Seals epoxies are thermosets. When Uni-forms melt during the initial cure, short molecular chains cross-link and form longer, polymeric chains. When the epoxy is fully cured, it will not re-melt at subsequent high temperatures.  See Epoxy Systems for cure schedules.

What type of oven is recommended for curing MSI epoxy preforms?

The consistency of the final seal depends mainly upon three factors: (1) the consistency of the component being sealed, (2) the consistency of the epoxy preform, and (3) the consistency of heat transfer (i.e., oven). Factors 1 and 2 are close toleranced and should not be the cause of inconsistencies. Therefore, the oven system will require the closest attention. We recommend the use of a mechanical convection (forced air) oven. This type of oven allows for fastest recovery and the most consistent means of heat transfer. If a static air oven is used to cure epoxy, MSI’s recommended cure schedules should be doubled or increased according to the results of qualification tests. The oven should be calibrated at least one a year. For additional curing recommendations, download our Uni-forms Recommendations Sheet.

What other equipment can be used to cure MSI epoxy preforms?

In addition to mechanical convection ovens, Uni-form epoxy preforms are also cured with hot plates, tunnel ovens, and heat lamps.

What are the storage requirements for Uni-form epoxy preforms?

Uni-forms should be stored in a cool, dry area. An air-conditioned office environment is best but not absolutely necessary. The preforms should be kept in closed containers when not in use. For additional storage recommendations, download our Uni-forms Recommendations Sheet.

Do Uni-forms require refrigeration?

We do not recommend refrigeration, as this will cause condensation and moisture contamination if improperly handled.

Is Multi-Seals, Inc. ISO Certified?

Yes, Multi-Seals' management system is ISO 9001:2015 certified for component sealing services and manufacture of epoxy preforms for sealing of electromechanical components.

How can I design my component to make it easier to seal?

Read this article for helpful suggestions.

Are Uni-forms epoxy preforms available as off-the-shelf items?

Most epoxy preforms are selected or designed for specific components. Call (860)643-7188 or email sales@multi-seals.com to discuss the details of your application. We will also conduct free evaluations of components for sealing with our epoxy preforms. Sample quantities of common preform configurations are available through this web site. Visit Free Sample Packs for details and ordering instructions.

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