Poly-form Adhesive Films
Frequently Asked Questions

What are adhesive films?

Poly-forms adhesive films are custom-shaped flexible adhesives that seal and bond diverse materials, including metals, plastics, and glass. Manufactured to close dimensional tolerances, pre-shaped seals eliminate variations caused by operator technique. Plus, the co-polymer formulations are premixed, so seal flow is consistent from batch to batch and from beginning to end of production runs. This ensures uniform, high-quality adhesive bonds and seals. Pre-shaped adhesive seals prevent drips and dispensing inconsistencies typical of liquid adhesives. A wide range of custom shapes and sizes allows adhesive preforms to accommodate a variety of industrial sealing and bonding applications.

What type of oven is recommended for processing MSI Poly-form adhesive preforms?

The consistency of the final bond or seal depends mainly upon three factors: (1) the consistency of the component being sealed, (2) the consistency of the adhesive preform, and (3) the consistency of heat transfer (i.e., oven). Factors 1 and 2 are close toleranced and should not be the cause of inconsistencies. Therefore, the oven system will require the closest attention. We recommend the use of a mechanical convection (forced air) oven. This type of oven allows for fastest recovery and the most consistent means of heat transfer. If a static air oven is used, MSI’s recommended cure schedules should be doubled or increased according to the results of qualification tests. The oven should be calibrated at least one a year.

What other equipment can be used to process Poly-forms?

In addition to mechanical convection ovens, Poly-form flexible adhesives can also be activated with hot plates, tunnel ovens, heat lamps, and portable heat sources.

What are the storage requirements for Poly-forms?

Storage requirements vary with Poly-forms systems.

Store F05 Poly-forms below 80°F (27°C). Protect from humidity, moisture, and contamination. See F05 Specification Sheet for details.

Store F08 Poly-forms below 39°F (4°C). Protect from humidity, moisture, and contamination. Allow parts to reach room temperature before opening. See F08 Specification Sheet for details.

Are Poly-forms available as off-the-shelf items?

Most Poly-forms adhesive preforms are selected or designed for specific components. Please contact MSI to discuss the details of your application. We will also conduct free evaluations of components for sealing with our Poly-forms.

Sample quantities of common preform configurations are available through this web site. Please call (860)643-7188 to discuss your application or to receive samples of typical Poly-form configurations. Prototypes of custom configurations are also available.

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